Court Said No, So Kentucky Cuts Dental for over 400,000 Medicaid Beneficiaries

Last week, Kentucky governor Matt Bevin (R) proposed changes to their states health plan known as Kentucky HEALTH. Upon review of these changes, the court ruled AGAINST implementation of these changes mostly due to one key suggestion – the addition of a “community engagement” requirement that would require enrollees to work, volunteer, or job train for 80 hours a month in exchange for insurance – so Kentucky’s  version of a work requirement. The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services spokesman wrote in an email that the state made it clear that dental and vision would be cut without implementation of the governor’s suggested changes to the Kentucky Health plan.

And so they were. Now 460,000 Medicaid beneficiaries are left without dental, vision, as well as transportation to their appointments. This transportation cannot be minimized as it is transportation assistance benefits for trips like dialysis and substance use disorder treatment.

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